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What is Faith Promise?

Faith promise is a commitment to God to give a specific amount monthly/weekly to the foreign missions offering at your local church.​

"…Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over…. "

-Luke 6:38

There are three dimensions to the Faith Promise commitment:

1. Stewardship- Giving from the fruit of material blessings the Lord has entrusted to you

2. Sacrifice- Giving that goes beyond your comfort zone

3. Faith- Giving that goes beyond your ability and requires faith in God to supply.


Why do we have Faith Promise?

The great commission given to the Church was to “..go and share the good news…” Every believer has a personal responsibility to fulfil this call whether it is through action or deed.​

The Local Church, through financial giving as well as material donations enable the department of Overseas Missions to carry on an effective ministry in their current fields.​

The program Faith Promise is the financial arm the UPCA Overseas Missions Department has created to involve each and every member of our Australian Body in fulfilling the great commission.

Specifically, our focus for 2024 and 2025 will be the construction a Bible School, Dormitories, Pastoral facilities and a Church building on land that has been donated to the United Pentecostal Church of East Timor. 

How do I make a Faith Promise commitment?

There are four ways:

1. During the Overseas Missions Promotion at the UPCA General Conference in January 2025.

There will be a time during this promotion where you will be asked whether you would like to make a Faith Promise Commitment. A form will be handed to you which you can fill-in and return.

2. At your local church.

Each week/month you plan on giving, you can indicate that you are giving to Faith promise filling the information in the given envelope.

3. Online

You can make a direct deposit into our UPCA account (details stated below). 

Account Name: United Pentecostal Church of Australia Ltd

BSB: 062 908
Account No: 1069 7012

Identify your donation as 'OM Faith' along with your name and/or church name.

4. Via the Pledge Form found here.

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