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The Overseas Missions Department of the United Pentecostal Church of Australia has touched many nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ since its inception in 1973.

It is our desire to see a people throughout the earth called by the name of Jesus Christ, standing firm in righteousness and truth, individually and united as a body, until He comes again.

The success of the Overseas Missions Department of the UPCA is a direct result of a co-operative effort between local assemblies, missionaries and this Department.


We sincerely appreciate the involvement of the many churches and individuals throughout Australia.

To read the latest message from the Overseas Missions Director, Rev Jonathan Downs,

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Giving Back
Our Purpose

The purpose of the Overseas Missions is to:

  • preach the whole gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world;

  • to establish new churches;

  • to send forth missionaries;

  • to endeavor to perform any other duties connected with religious work;

  • to help in any way possible to meet the needs of local churches;

  • to translate, publish and distribute religious literature.

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